> All-in-one-modular-genset

LionRock’s modular all-in-one diesel genset design includes battery cabinet, bulk fuel tank and noise reduction canopy. The module provides unique benefits to our customers and meets sophisticated requirements for cell sites. The modular design can be customized to meet specific requirements but has shorter delivery time compared to tailor made gensets. The all-in-one unit decreases the need for piping and wiring at the installation site and provides stability and ease-of-use.


  • Cost saving, The pre-tested modular solution enables easier and faster deployment and ensures a low total cost of ownership due to reduced construction and service demands.
  • Space saving, All-In-One Modular design allows horizontal or vertical plug-in while integrated design minimizes the overall equipment installation area.
  • Disaster recovery, The “ready-to-go” nature of pre-tested modular units makes them especially suitable for disaster recovery following an incident, or for temporary or permanent “hot-spot” relief.
  • Ease of expansion, upgrade and scalability, Individual units can be added to provide more capacity, and can be easily replaced with higher performance units when upgrade is needed.
  • Speed of deployment, The factory pre-tested, totally integrated solution is much faster to bring into operation on site. Furthermore, it is much easier to deploy in remote locations where site work might be challenging.

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