> Containerized Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power system

The containerized solar-diesel hybrid power system design is the product of long experience in professional maintenance and R&D. This integrated power system is a solution for key sites such as telecom base stations; TV broadcast stations; outdoor field supervision; oil platforms; traffic lights; flight beacons; etc.

The containerized solar-diesel hybrid power system is consolidated into one compact unit combining solar panels, all-in-one diesel genset, battery bank, monitoring system, rectifier system and power output system.

How the system operates:

  • The solar photovoltaic panels charge the batteries to store power during the hours of sunlight.
  • The rectifier system charges the batteries when the diesel genset is running. 
  • The diesel genset automatically starts to charge the batteries if the state of charge of the battery bank is below a certain level.
  • The diesel genset automatically cools down and stops when the state of charge of the battery bank reaches the appropriate level.
  • The system compares the priority of different loads so that, when the state of charge of the battery bank is low, the system will cut off the least important loads to prolong the power supply to the most important loads.


  • 24 hour continuous, reliable supply of AC & DC power.
  • User-friendly monitoring screen, easy use and maintenance, low fault rate. The system works reliably in a temperature range from -10° to 50°. 
  • The output of the solar photovoltaic system can reach 4480Wp and the diesel genset is up to 40kVA with a 1000L fuel tank. The operating sound level is below 60dB(A)@1m.
  • The solar photovoltaic system, diesel genset, control system and monitoring system are installed in a standard 20ft container equipped with a heat radiation system. The unit is transported conveniently and cheaply and is easily installed at site.
  • The maximum capacity of the battery bank is 1600Ah @ 48V. A rectifier system can be provided.
  • Provides optimized control and monitoring system.
  • The solar photovoltaic panels shade the container to minimize heat from direct sunlight and reduce the interior temperature of the container.
  • The unit occupies less space and requires a smaller foundation. The high security, all-in-one design is easily loaded and unloaded.  
  • Reduces the supporting frame cost for the solar photovoltaic panels. Minimizes the connections between the diesel genset and the fuel supply system to prevent accidents.

Containerized Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power system

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