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Value of Our Grid-Interactive ESS Added to Users

Earlier exploiter of energy storage system: Evolved from battery manufacturer so the weakest part in the system guaranteed; Lower total ownership cost: Maximizing users value by More utilization of power:Effectively and efficiently manage all power sources. 

What is Our Grid-Interactive ESS

Our Grid-Interactive ESS represents the highest level and most sophisticated energy storage system applied for load frequency regulation, peak-shifting and storage of vast volume of renewable energy. 

With our basic Grid-Interactive PCS units used for Battery-only and Micro-Grid,and two deep cycle endurable battery series, FCP and Lithium ion, we offer a variety of solutions of Grid-Interactive ESS both to the existing and initially installing of the new renewable energy power plants.

Composition of System

Our Grid-Interactive ESS is composed of 4 main integral units, Bi-Directional PCS Assembly, Battery Bank Assembly, PV Modules & Wind turbine and Accessories.Bi-Directional PCS Assembly is the unit managing all functions working properly, and its main leading technologies keep our system the most cost effective options. Battery Bank Assembly is optional within Sacred Sun's full range of endurable, cyclic battery solutions acting as the power reservoir, extending the longer warranty expectations of users.PV Modules & Wind turbine and all Accessories are available from our long term well known partners in our responsibility to supply the warranty.

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